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2019-11-21 08:08:34

Welcome To New York: A Pinay’s Internship Experience

Embarking on a journey on your own is always quite the scare. How do you go on alone and live as if you’re already adulting? Here’s a very personal article based from all of my NYC experiences! 

A Dream, A Fantasy

The big apple, a concrete jungle, the place to be. New York is probably every other person’s dream and it’s already frightening to just think about how big it really is. Everything is there, from all of the companies, to most celebrities, even the POTUS is a New Yorker. It feels just like your imagination came to life once you step out of that yellow taxi and step into your new life. 

A Melting Pot

Everyone is there. Literally. It’s a place where you meet ten thousand kinds of people. I might be exaggerating but it’s true. Half the people you will meet, you will forget. All kinds of races, genders, social status, and preferences can be found in the city. You will probably meet someone who will break your heart too but hey, think positive! 

A Risk

I’ve lost my wallet twice, fell asleep on the Subway and woke up in the airport, took a side hustle teaching kids basketball with very little pay on a really far side of the city, fell in love twice, cried my heart out twice, and have been sad when I had to leave. I didn’t know anyone, some of my friends didn’t stay in the city, I had to work for a company that didn’t give a stipend, but I still felt a sense of happiness. Somehow being lost and being scared gave me an assurance that once I find my way, everything will be okay and fall back into its place. 

An Opportunity 

I’ve meet the best people, I’ve seen some very famous celebrities, tried some of the best food and coffee, met the owners of my internship, learned how to audit, and worked a double shift back to back after almost having pneumonia. It was a way I challenged myself, body and soul. I knew that there were times that needed to keep going but I also found out that there are times that I must let myself rest. 

An Education

Everything I have been through and that was just a quarter of it have taught me one single thing. We should all learn to thrive in a world we don’t understand without losing ourselves. As a Filipina girl, staying in a place where life is not easy and rent is as expensive as a manager’s salary in Manila, I’ve grown to become more responsible and more aware that my skills are also a currency. My resilience helped me get that extra cash I need. Consent kept me protected from bad influences and dangerous situations. Optimism kept me in line when I felt like giving up. It was one of the most amazing 7 months of my life. 

New York was a place where I exposed all of my truths & and my secrets and then new me stood proudly. It was true when they said that if I could make it there, I could make it anywhere and I think I really can. 

Planning to leave for an internship? Get down and dirty and experience the best time of your life. Comment below where you are headed! 

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